Senator Helms & CNLP Fight Union Corruption

Senator Jesse Helms has joined with Center on National Labor Policy (CNLP) in filing a federal lawsuit to stop the AFL-CIO and other Big Labor Unions from illegally buying this year’s Congressional elections.

Attorneys at the Center on National Labor Policy have been investigating union political spending and campaign activities. They have found undeniable proof that 50 sitting Congressmen and Senators accepted illegal money from union PACs to get elected in 1982 and 1984.

Culprits include such liberal heavyweights as Senator Ted Kennedy and Speaker of the House, Tip O’Neill.

Why would so many Congressional candidates willingly violate the law to accept illegal campaign contributions?

Liberal bureaucrats within the Federal Election Commission, who have been quick to scapegoat conservative candidates, choose to ignore the transgressions of these powerful pro-union incumbents.

Obviously, we cannot depend on government bureaucrats to take a stand against bribery of candidates by powerful union bosses. For this reason, CNLP has developed its own strategy for dealing with this very dangerous threat to the integrity of our elections.

The Citizen’s Committee Against Union Bribery

As a special project of CNLP, we have formed the Citizens Committee Against Union Bribery. Senator Jesse Helms and the Committee have joined forces in a federal lawsuit by the big Unions.

The Center will:

1. Obtain a court order to force the government to up hold its Constitutional responsibility to prosecute the unions and politicians who are violating campaign regulations.

2. Expose the Congressional candidates who violated the law in the elections of 1982 and 1984.

3. Watch for campaign violations and report them as they happen in this year’s Congressional elections.

As a result of these actions, those unions that have provided illegal funds in past elections, and the elected officials who accepted them, will be put on notice that they will be prosecuted if they break the law again.

During the upcoming elections, the Committee will monitor illegal campaign practices and provide this in formation to the media. We believe that this information is very important to the voters who will be evaluating the candidates for Congress.

The Citizens Committee Against Union Bribery has begun to educate voters across this nation to the threat that corrupt unions pose to our free election process.

We plan to mail tens of thousands of Americans a “Writ of Retainer” so that they can join Senator Jesse Helms and the Committee Against Union Bribery in filing an Amicus Curiae brief to bring the Big Unions to court.

Once the voters across the country realize that labor union leaders have attempted to make a mockery of our right to choose our representatives in honest elections, they will be outraged. The Committee should have no problem gathering support for its federal lawsuit.

Americans will not allow their elected officials to be pawns for union bosses.

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