CNLP Exposes of Fairfax County Board’s Kickbacks to SEIU

On October 1, 2015, in CNLP Cases, Public Policy, by Katelyn Nuckoles

SEIU and nine other unions are being paid by Fairfax County taxpayers to lobby and for political action (Full report to be published next week) For Virginians, unions and employee organizations have relatively little hold on public officials and their funding…or so one would think. Virginia stands as one of only three states that forbid […]

DailyCaller Breaks CNLP’s FOIA of Taxpayer-Funded Union Lobbyists

On September 30, 2015, in CNLP Cases, Public Policy, by Staff

Today, the DailyCaller broke an investigation that the Center on National Labor Policy (CNLP) and the National Right To Work Committee (NRTWC) have been jointly looking into Virginia taxpayers subsidizing labor salaries, lobby expenses, and other “union functions.” (See excerpts from story below) CNLP’s Acting President Mike Avakian filed the Fairfax County FOIAs that confirmed this scheme transferring […]