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Are you a victim of labor union bosses?  Then, you may need our services to help navigate the legal hot water that tends to favor union officials.

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CNLP Policy Analysis

President Ronald Reagan said that CNLP assisted his “Administration in formulating rational federal policy.”  The Center on National Labor Policy is working on several new reports now.  If you have an idea about policy, please let us know.

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CNLP Research Going Beyond Analysis

Don’t think of this product or service as your third favorite, think of it as the bronze medalist in an Olympic medals sweep of great products/services.

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According to the approved 2016 Fairfax County Public Schools Budget, School Board Members approved spending $5.8 million for substitute teachers and the corresponding full-time teachers who were taking paid leave to work for labor unions.

Exposed:  SEIU and NEA union bosses are among the freeloading “Employee Organizations” receiving multi-million dollar grants from Fairfax County to leave their assigned jobs and participate in exclusive union activities and lobbying.  

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Download CNLP’s Report: Virginia Wasted Tax on Paid Union Leave (2015)

Protecting Your Rights

In 1975, a group of citizens addressed this imbalance by establishing the Center on National Labor Policy.

The Center on National Labor Policy was chartered to address a broad scope of union and government abuses. In addition, the Center was empowered to represent employees, employers, and consumers.

The Center was established with a unique and vital purpose:   Protecting Individual Rights. . .

The goal of the Center—to protect individual rights from excesses of union and government power—is expressed in specific objectives:

  • To halt the use of violence and coercion as a union organizing tool;
  • To promote free enterprise as the guiding force in labor policy;
  • To establish union liability for monopoly behavior;
  • To protect the public against illegal public employee strikes;
  • To prevent government interference with employee and employer freedom of choice;
  • To overturn bureaucratic procedures and regulations that frustrate individual rights and economic growth;
  • To apply civil rights laws equally against union officials;
  • To prevent union control of pension funds for coercive purposes;
  • To stop the flow of government grants to unions.

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