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Created for Action

In 1975, a group of citizens addressed this imbalance by establishing the Center on National Labor Policy.

The Center on National Labor Policy was chartered to address a broad scope of union and government abuses. In addition, the Center was empowered to represent employees, employers, and consumers.

The Center was established with a unique and vital purpose:   Protecting Individual Rights. . .

The goal of the Center—to protect individual rights from excesses of union and government power—is expressed in specific objectives:

  • To halt the use of violence and coercion as a union organizing tool;
  • To promote free enterprise as the guiding force in labor policy;
  • To establish union liability for monopoly behavior;
  • To protect the public against illegal public employee strikes;
  • To prevent government interference with employee and employer freedom of choice;
  • To overturn bureaucratic procedures and regulations that frustrate individual rights and economic growth;
  • To apply civil rights laws equally against union officials;
  • To prevent union control of pension funds for coercive purposes;
  • To stop the flow of government grants to unions.

The Center on National Labor Policy is result-oriented. Its job is to protect the rights of individuals in a variety of forums. To do this—and do it right—requires talent, knowledge, experience, perseverance, insight. But it also requires a plan.

Our Story

The Center gets results by addressing its objectives in three forums:

LITIGATION—The Center’s principal job. Most small businesses and workers do not have the resources to stand up to outrageous lawsuits by teams of well-financed union lawyers. When these union special interests interfere with economic liberties of individuals and small businesses, CNLP steps in. By providing free legal aid in key cases, Center attorneys establish an impressive body of legal precedent to help countless others.

PUBLIC POLICY—Nowhere has the regulatory maze hit harder than in the field of business productivity and labor relations. CNLP is often the only advocate of small businesses and individuals in eliminating the complexity and bias in federal hearings and federal regulations that affect the economy.

RESEARCH—Creating An Impact—The Center’s research is often the last word in labor policy formulation. Ongoing programs seek to educate the public on key labor issues from a free-enterprise, individual rights standpoint. Nationally distributed research projects, editorials, and public addresses often spark an explosion of comment from the nation’s opinion-makers.